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The Coloured Bull Terrier Club Open & Trophy Show
Saturday, 5th May, 2012

Open Show Judge - Mrs M Bell (GEHAM)

Class 1 Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (3)

Three entered for this class ranging in age from 7 years to 9. All in very good condition and enjoying their day out.

1) Brown's Play for Me - Brindle & White. With plenty of bone and substance.

2) Brailsford's Benjip Black Magic at Kearby - Black Brindle Bitch , well made throughout, with a gleaming black coat

3) Quinn's Duch of Curdin

Class 2 Special Brood Bitch (3.1)

1) Martin & Hirst's Yungwood Sweet Enchantment at Santini - A Good type of brood bitch. Brindle & White, well made throughout, moved quite well.

2) Quinn's Duch or Curdin

Class 3 Puppy dog (1)

1) Randle's Prince of Night - A nice red boy with a strong well turned & filled head, with a good dark eye, fairly well made throughout. He is extremely boisterous which made movement difficult to assess.

Class 4 Junior Dog (2)

1) Seward's Padhen the Puzzler - Very smart Brindle & White with a good well filled head, keen eye & expression. Slight mouth fault, good straight front, short back, good quarters moved well.

2) Mc Dermid's Padhen Hitman - Black Brindle with a decent head, good dark eye, fair front & body lines, nice hindquarters. Movement fair.

Class 5 Maiden Dog

1) Rich's Fortifers Far From Forcefull - Handsome Brindle & White with a strong well turned & filled head, nice reach of neck with straight front, good bone & tight feet, well made & moved well. Mouth not 100%.

2) Jenkins Kellouacy Galatea Star - Solid Black Brindle. Big dogs with good head, fairly well made, needs time to mature.

Class 6 Novice Dog (1)

1) Aldred's Kellouacy One of Many - Tri colour. He has a very strong head with heavy lips, a keen dark eye, slightly upright shoulders, fair body lines, good depth of brisket, decent hindquarters with fair movement.

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog (5.2)

1) Marple's Taylerjay's Look No Further - Nice Dar Brindle & White with a well filled and turned head, good dark eye, ears could be better placed. Decent front with plenty of bone, short back, solid quarters, movement fair.

2) Kettleborough's Bullysoul Too Hard To Handle - A nice Brindle & White, well made throughout, good body lines, moved nicely.

3) Atkins Hentarw Executive Decision

Class 8 Limit Dog (3.1)

1) Williams & Hawksford Busell's Red Knight Rising & Happy Bull - A solid Red strongly built throughout, head well filled & turned, dark small eye, decent shoulders, good depth of brisket, short back, fair quarters, moved well.

2) Quinn's Padhen Abraham Of Lincoln - A Tri colour with a decent head, he is nicely made but does not have heavy bone, he moved fairly well.

Class 9 Open Dog (4.2)

1) Blair's Taylarjay Highflyer into Megaville - A well balanced all sound Brindle & White. Good well turned & filled head, dark small eye, good front with nice round bone, good lay of shoulders, short back, good depth of brisket, decent quarters, moved well. BEST DOG.

2) Griffiths Hentarw Welsh Warrior From Penpych - A Black Brindle with a good head & mouth, keen eye, fairly well made, moved quite well. Reserve B.I.S

Class 10 Puppy Bitch (12.4)

1) Mathison's Blazingbullys Lady Mizfitz - A very nice Brindle & White quality bitch, feminine head, keen eye, a good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, nice body lines & hindquarters. Moved fairly well. BEST PUPPY

2) Marple's Japulca's Secret Charm at Taylarjay - Black Brindle & White with a nice head with keen eye and expression, fair front with good bone, nice body lines, moved fairly well.

3) Carrick's Chardaice Grand Design By Bullbrands

Class 11 Junior Bitch (4.2)

1) Quinn & Sewards Pearls Princess - Smart Brindle & White bitch with a lovely head, dark eye, well placed ears, nice reach of neck, straight front with good sound bone, short back, nice quarters, moved fairly well.

2) Moore's Lil'Lady Firecracker - A Solid Red. Nicely made all round with good head & body lines, moved well.

Class 12 Maiden Bitch (3.1)

1) Sheehy's Afanbull Movie Star - Brindle & White with a very good filled & turned, keen eyes, ears well placed. Straight front, well laid shoulders, good body lines & quarters movement difficult to assess.

2) Lil'Lady Firecracker

Class 13 Novice Bitch (6.1)

1) Brook's Cathees Choice for Kellouacy - A heavyweight Red & White bitch whose make and shape fitted all the requirements. She challenged head for best bitch, but had to give away for carrying a little too much weight on the day.

2) Binks Bullbrit Scream - A Black Brindle. Pretty terrier type, nice head, fair front, decent dody lines, moved quite well.

3) Wright's Rightstuff Re Spek Ta Bull

Class 14 Post Graduate Bitch (2.1)

1) Bloom & O'Neill's Kholanda Tropicana at Abenaki - Red & White. A very useful type of bitch, well made throughout, movement fair.

Class 15 Limit Bitch (2.1)

1) Favill's Padhen Pandoras Box at Krawen - A mature Brindle & White a nice head, well made all round & moved quite well.

Class 16 Open Bitch (9.3)

1) Fletcher's Napier Rosella - A Red & White heavyweight bitch, substantially made throughout, plenty of bone, deep brisket, good hindquarters, moved quite well. B.I.S

2) Szcwiczyk's Quentinhill Say You Love Me - A Brindle & White of lighter build than 1st. She has a very pretty well turned head with small dark eyes & well placed ears. Well made & moved well.

Judge Mrs Maureen Bell

Geham Trophy for Dogs

I would like to thank the CBTC for the invite to judge their Trophy's, it was a most enjoyable day.

1st Saunder's and Doveys

     Jayston Yasmino's Boy

Tri dog of good proportions, head is well filled and has width and depth and profile. Correct mouth, good ear set, powerful neck leading into good shoulder's and front. Well sprung ribs with good depth through out, short back and has a well angled rear. Well muscled and moved with drive.

2nd Marples

Talajay's Look No Further

B/D, his head is broad and wide and has profile, mouth is good. His front is straight but he is a little loose in the shoulder. Good depth through the chest and the shortest of back's, would like more angulation in the rear. He moved accordingly but he never stopped showing well done to his owner

Kearby Trophy for Bitches

1st Fletcher's

Napier Rosella

R/W bitch that oozes class, her head is broad with depth and power, good profile. Mouth is good. Good front and shoulders good depth through out well angled rear moved well one from the top drawer.

2nd Sheppard & Howe's & Taylor's

Wellinghall Ebony Nugget For Afanbull  

B/B bitch head is well filled and has good profile, mouth is ok. Front is straight but a little loose in the shoulders, short back has good depth through the chest and a well angled rear moved ok.

Two very nice bitches.

Geoff Skelton